“Life Now Is Hopeful” – Pauline’s Story

Pauline is twenty four years old and running a successful business which provides for her and her family. Here is the story of how Seed of Hope changed her life.

“I finished primary school in 2003. My circumstances were not good and it was very difficult for me to go to high school due to lack of money so I was hopeless. I was the last born of six and none of my siblings went to high school. 

I heard about Seed of Hope from a girl at our place who was a student and I decided to ask her about it. She told me what they taught girls and what they gave them after they graduated. I told my parents about it and asked if they would be happy for me to join. They agreed.

I was living in Riandu at the time so I came to Nairobi with Henry, the administrator of Mbeere Children’s Home. When I went to Seed of Hope I found some happy girls with a future. Deborah (Seed of Hope administrator at the time) welcomed us and gave us a word of hope.

I made a lot of friends and learned about dressmaking. They taught us how to be ourself when we make our properties. I enjoyed it a lot for the whole two years.

When I graduated, I came back to our home. It was a challenge as I knew how to have a job but it was very difficult for me. I came to Mwea Plains where my brother was as I knew at my home place it would be difficult for me to have a good job.

It was very difficult at first as I didn’t find customers at once but I was hopeful I would find them. After some months I got them by talking to them, making good clothes for them and encouraging those who didn’t have hope that they could have a better life.

Now, they love me a lot and give me a lot of work. In the second year I didn’t have an ID card so I had to keep my money on my own as I couldn’t open a bank account. I would use the money in a bad way. I bought some rice so that my money was kept in a good way. I store what I buy until rice is scarce then I sell it at a high price. This has helped me with my dressmaking business as I can use the profits to buy materials for stock or to replace fabrics I’ve used.

Life now is hopeful and I need to have some girls to teach now and encourage them. I have trained two girls, they paid for the course and now they have jobs at their home. I feel proud of me and very happy. They do well and are now advertising my work more and more.

I’m now married and have one daughter. My business has helped me to buy a plot of land, to build my house and support my family. I have given my parents money to help plant bananas so they have their own business.

Seed of Hope is a place where people find life and hope and also we give hope to the ones outside of Seed of Hope.”

If you would like to give another girl like Pauline a life of hope, please check out our sponsorship programme.


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